2018 ORIEMAC Tianmu Lake Outing - Through the Natural Oxygen Bar

Publication Date: 2019-01-26 Back

On Jan. 26th 2019, ORIEMAC team came to visit Tianmu Lake. It was the second day of 2018 Annual Outgoing. Everyone started the new day full of excitement and vivacity after one day’s rest.

We got up early in the morning, enjoyed delicious breakfast, and set forth on the journey of Tianmu Lake. After one hour’s drive, we reached Tianmu Lake and took a large boat to get in the centre of the lake. It was so cold but no one wanted to miss any beautiful scenery along the way. After disembarking, we began to climb the mountain, which was full of kinds of surprises, such as peacock, alpaca, butterfly valley, cascade, exotic flowers, etc. On top of the mountain, we could overlook the whole lake and scenic area, it was so magnificent and splendid that everyone immersed in happiness. ORIEMAC team took a photo to mark the special occasion. Then we went downhill and went on a ropeway to cross the river to have lunch together.

After lunch and a short rest, we started out to South Hill Bamboo Sea, only 18 km away from the Tianmu Lake, which was National Grading-AAAA Tourist Districts. The specialness of the attraction was the panda, being regarded as our national treasures. We took touring cars to the top to see for ourselves the precious animal. It was a little late when we returned to the hotel. Another big surprise waited for us: Big Boss Dennis already booked hot spring for all and a luxurious entertainment room for fun. Winter is the bubble hot spring season. Enjoying time in the port spring was real fun after one day’s travelling.

It was an impressive and memorable day of ORIEMAC! 

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