Weichai is one of the strongest comprehensive strength of China's automobile and equipment manufacturing group, one is the only domestic also has the vehicle engine, powertrain, luxury yacht and auto parts four major business platform of enterprises. Group owns the only reliability of internal combustion engine industry enterprise of state key laboratory, modern "state-level enterprise technology center" and the domestic first-class product test center, has a "postdoctoral workstation", in the United States, Europe, and China's weifang, yangzhou, Shanghai, chongqing, xi 'an and other places set up r&d center, always follow the world leading edge to ensure that the enterprise technology level.Relying on the world's leading research and development platform, the enterprise has to undertake and participate in the 22 national "863 project", science and technology support program, international cooperation, science and technology research projects, get products and technologies 1940 authorized patents, host and participate in the industry and the national standard for 65.Company in 2013 "high-speed heavy-duty diesel engine key technology and industrialization" project won the national scientific and technological progress second prize, breaking the foreign monopoly of high-speed heavy-duty diesel engine technology.In 2014, the company self-developed ECU successfully supporting natural gas engines, electric control system of WP13 horsepower heavy commercial vehicle engine issued and listed, enterprise independent innovation ability significantly increased.
Cummins is the world's largest independent engine manufacturer, product line including diesel and alternative fuel engines, engine key parts (fuel system, control system, air intake treatment, filtration system and tail gas treatment system), and power generation systems. Cummins engine not only with first-class reliability, durability, and fuel economy is famous in the industry, and to meet increasingly stringent vehicle emission (EPA2010 in the United States, Europe's no. 4 and 5) emissions, off-highway use mobile equipment (Tier 4 interim/Stage IIIB) and Marine engine emission standard of IMO (international maritime organization) has been in the industry in the leading position in the fierce competition.
Guangxi yuchai machinery group co., LTD., founded in 1951, is a collection of engine and petrochemical industry chain as a whole, implementing the industry related diversification management of large modern enterprise group, through the lean management and collectivization operation, become a leading domestic industry enterprise group.