Kenya - 2 Units XCMG Road Rollers XS163J

Publication Date: 2019-08-20 Back

On August 20th, 2019, Oriemac exported 2 untis XCMG XS163J Road Rollers to Kenya

Clients called me told that need the road roller, then based on customer requirements I recommend XCMG XS163J road roller, he checks the technical data, pictures, as well as videos, then discuss with his partner, they are very satisfied with the machine.

The configuration of XCMG XS163J road roller is:
Engine: Shangchai Diesel Engine  
Rated power: 103KW/1800r/min
Working mass: 1600KG 
Static linear load: 362N/cm  

 Kenya - 2 Units XCMG Road Rollers XS163J 2 Units XCMG Road Rollers XS163J

XCMG Road Rollers XS163J XCMG Road Rollers