The United Kingdom - 5 Units HELI CPCD15 Forklift

Publication Date: 2019-12-06 Back

On 6th December 2019, Oriemac exported 5 units of HELI CPCD15 Diesel Forklift to The United Kingdom.
In October 2018, the customer bought 2 united HELI CPCD30 forklifts. They work wonderful, HELI is trusted and the price is economical, so Bal from the UK bought 5units again.

The main configuration of CPCD15 is:
Forklift (HELI Brand)
Model: CPCD15
Engine: QXinchai 4N23G31VP
Lifting capacity: 1500kgs
Lifting height: 4800mm
Fork: 1.07 meters
Automatic gear
Solid tire

The United Kingdom - 5 Units HELI CPCD15 Forklift HELI CPCD15 Forklift