Morocco - 1 Unit HELI CPCD50 Forklift

Publication Date: 2020-07-09 Back

On 9th July 2020, Oriemac delivered 1 CPCD50 to Morocco.

This is our new client from Morocco, he runs a forklift maintenance company in Morocco, while they do local forklift trade as well, we discuss the details of the forklift, it takes a long time to sign a contract with his clients, and finally, we make a pleasing deal.

HELI forklift trucks high standard performance, comfortable driving experience, and the simple and safe operation will make your work handier. Its main features are as follows:
1.hydraulic system optimization design, highlighting energy efficient, reduce vehicle fuel consumption;
2.into the interactive ergonomic design to enhance operator comfort; with a wide view of the lifting system, improve vision;
3.the vehicle comes standard with electro-hydraulic reversing system and effortless operation, convenient; upgrade new intelligent shift system to prevent the second gear start, improve transmission reliability;
4.the vehicle interior space is more spacious, more rational layout component position, the hood opening angle is increased to 80 °, the machine better maintainability;
5.independent integrated electronic control box, reduce the electrical failure rate and easy maintenance;
6.the fuel tank volume increased 10%, to extend the continuous operation time of the vehicle, the fuel tank cap with a lock designed to improve fuel security;
7.the standard LED lights; Ratchet type parking brake; reliable steering lock mechanism;
8.frame, door frame and other core structural parts using CAE forward design, its strength increased dramatically, more rugged vehicle;

HELI 5ton Diesel cart CPCD50 configurations: 

1. Model: CPCD50

2. Load capacity: 5000kg

3. Engine model: QUANCHAI 4J1

4. Load center: 600mm

5. Min Ground Clearance: 200mm

6. Tire Type: Pneumatic

7. Maximum lifting height: 3000mm

8. Fork size: 55x1220x150mm

9. Operating weight: 8230kg

10. Dimension: 4625 × 1995 × 2500mm

nEO_IMG_20200709_Morocco 1 HELI CPCD50 Forklift (8) nEO_IMG_20200709_Morocco 1 HELI CPCD50 Forklift (2)

nEO_IMG_20200709_Morocco 1 HELI CPCD50 Forklift (3) nEO_IMG_20200709_Morocco 1 HELI CPCD50 Forklift (9)