Ukraine - 1 Unit XCMG Road Roller XD123

Publication Date: 2020-10-22 Back
On 22th Oct 2020, we exported one XCMG XD123 road roller to Ukraine. It's the third time we cooperated and was pleasant as usual.

XCMG unique cylinder structure features strong rigidity and strength, and it adopts the special bearing, high limit speed, and strong carrying capacity to avoid the polarization of the vibrating drum.
The lubrication method of the vibration bearing is simple and convenient, and the fault of the lubrication system is low.
The control panel could be adjusted in 180 degrees, and the operator could easily operate the machine during forwarding and Reverse, and each compaction mode has good visibility.
It adopts hydraulic drive and electric-hydraulic control technology, contributing to simple operation.
The automatic watering and vibrating system improve the flatness of the road compaction.

XCMG patented crab mechanism and dual-articulated steering could ensure a staggering distance of 200mm between the front and rear drums, which is convenient for the side compaction and turning compaction. When the dual-articulation is activated simultaneously,the min. turning radius could be 6000mm.

XCMG Road Roller XD123 
1. Engine brand: CUMMINS
2. Power: 111kW/2100rpm 
3. Operation mass: 12300kg 
4. Theoretical Gradeability: 35%
5. Vibratory wheel: 1300*2130mm
6. Cabin with A/C

nEO_IMG_20201022_Ukraine 1 XCMG XD123 Road Roller (1) nEO_IMG_20201022_Ukraine 1 XCMG XD123 Road Roller (2)

nEO_IMG_20201022_Ukraine 1 XCMG XD123 Road Roller (5) nEO_IMG_20201022_Ukraine 1 XCMG XD123 Road Roller (6)