Malaysia - 1 Unit HELI CPCD30 Forklift

Publication Date: 2020-09-14 Back

On September 14th,2020, Oriemac exported one HELI CPCD30 forklift
This customer runs a relatively large hardware store and often purchases related products from China. This is his first time buying a forklift. Because of his trust in the quality of Heli forklifts, he finally placed the order.

The configuration of HELI CPCD30 is:
1. Engine brand: Xinchai
2. Rated load capacity: 3000 kg
3. Load center: 500 mm
4. Dimension (without fork): 2682*1225*2090 mm
5. Operating weight(oil included): 4690 kg
6. Fork length: 1.07 m
7. Solid tyre
8. Max lifting height: 3 staged mast with 4.5m lifting height

nEO_IMG_20200914_Malaysia 1 HELI CPCD30 Forklift (1) nEO_IMG_20200914_Malaysia 1 HELI CPCD30 Forklift (5)