Marshall Island - 1 Unit RS37 Fishing Boat

Publication Date: 2019-07-28 Back
On 28th Jul. 2019, Oriemac exported one unit of RS37 Fishing Boat to Marshall Island.
This is our old customer, who buys goods from us a second time; This boat is serviced for the Marshall Island government. Before payment and before shipment, this client came to China two times to make sure it is good for their tourists. At last, he is satisfied with the boat very much.
The main configuration of RS37 is:
Fiberglass Cabin Fishing Boat
Model: RS37
V-Depth: 180cm
Draught: 56cm
Overall Length: 1158cm
Max Speed: 38 Knots
Engine: SUZUKI 2x250HP
With boat trailer
With Radio VHF system & Audio system

Marshall Island 1 Unit RS37 Fishing Boat

Fishing BoatC Marshall Island

RS37 Fishing Boat Fishing Boat RS37