France - 1 Unit LUYUE Skid Steer Loader TS50

Publication Date: 2019-09-05 Back

On Oct,1st, 2019, Oriemac exported 1 LUYUE TS50 Skid Steer Loader to France

French clients can only speak French, which makes it a little hard to communicate. However, the client is so nice to show me the pictures to help me understand and our communicate comes smoothly then. Skid steer loader is equipped with a CE certificate, so it is free to export to European countries.

The configuration of TS50 is:
1. Xinchai 490 engine
2. Euro III Emission 
3. Rated power: 50hp                    
4. 4 Cylinder in-line, Water cooled, 4 strokes, Diesel engine
5. Rated load: 700kg             
6. Bucket capacity:0.3 m3
7. Operating Weight: 2600kg
8. Dimension: 2950*1402*2050mm
9. Enclosed operator cab with A/C 

France -  1 Unit LUYUE Skid Steer Loader TS50 1 Unit LUYUE Skid Steer Loader TS50

LUYUE Skid Steer Loader TS50 Skid Steer Loader TS50