Kyrgyzstan - 1 Unit XCMG QY50KD Truck Crane

Publication Date: 2021-05-18 Back

Oriemac exported one unit XCMG QY50KD truck crane on 18th May 2021. The end-user loves the XCMG truck crane, so he just took it.

 The configuration of it:
 1. Three Axle, 5 Section booms
 2. Total weight: 29400kg
 3. Engine: Shangchai SC10E380Q5 (279/1900 KW/RPM)
 4. Dimension: 14030×2800×3630mm
 5. Max. Speed: 80km/h
 6. Max. lifting capacity: 50 ton
 7. Max. Basic boom Length: 44m
 8. Length boom+jib: 59.5m
 9. Max. lifting torque:2009kN.m
 9. Pilot operation.

XCMG QY50KD Truck Crane Kyrgyzstan 1 XCMG QY50KD Truck Crane

Kyrgyzstan XCMG QY50KD Truck Crane XCMG Truck Crane