Palau - 1 Unit SANY SRSC45H1 Reach Stacker

Publication Date: 2021-06-01 Back

Oriemac exported one unit SANY SRSC45H1 reach stacker on 12th August 2021. The client wants to use the machine in this own seaport warehouse. Hope he will like it.

The configuration of it:
1. Volvo TAD1151VE Diesel Engine
2. Rated prower: 265KW
3. Transmission(front/rear): DANA 15.5HR36000(4/4)
4. Overall dimension: 11340*6053*4770mm
5. Max lifting Height: 15100mm
6. Min. turning radius: 8000mm
7. Load centre(the first/second/third row): 1800/3850/6400mm
8. Max. Boom Tilting angies: 60°
9. Max. lifting weight: 45ton

SANY SRSC45H1 Reach Stacker 1 Unit SANY SRSC45H1 Reach Stacker