UAE Customer Visited SDLG Factory

Publication Date: 2019-05-14 Back

On 14th May 2019, one UAE client came to visit the Oriemac office, and we went to visit the SDLG factory together.

The client comes from Jordan but runs his own company in UAE. He came to China alone and searched SDLG machines for his project in Cameroon this time. We picked him up at PVG at 11:30 pm and arranged hotels for him. We had a long meeting on the second day. During this meeting, he showed us many details of his projects and his company so that we could know each other better. He was a very punctual and generous gentleman. Whenever we picked him up at his hotel, he was always waiting for us in advance. To know more about SDLG machines, we came to visit the SDLG factory together and he was very satisfied with its quality. After staying together for about 5 days, we are more like good friends than business partners.

From the perspective of a friend, he is a very kind father and husband, wherever he goes, he never forgets to prepare some gifts for his kids and wife. I sincerely hope there is another chance to meet him again.

UAE Customer Visited SDLG Factory UAE Customer Visited SDLG Factory