Russia Client Visited ORIEMAC Office

Publication Date: 2023-06-14 Back

On June 14th, 2023, in the afternoon, we picked up our Russian client from Pudong Airport and brought them to our company for a brief introduction. As the client had not eaten all day, we made sure to provide them with food and ordered takeout for them.

Despite it being the end of the working day, the client insisted on seeing the forklifts that day. Therefore, we directly took the client to visit HeLi (our manufacturer) for a tour. We discussed several forklift configurations and prices, and on the spot, we provided a quotation while explaining the specifications with the help of brochures and photos.

As the visit extended late into the evening, we took the client to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Later, we arranged accommodation for the client in a hotel close to our office. The next day, we drove the client to Hongqiao Railway Station, where they were headed to Yiwu to meet their freight forwarding friend.

Throughout the process, we maintained communication with the client via WeChat. Considering the client's low budget, we provided targeted quotations based on their specific product requirements. This led to the successful completion of the order.

We value our client's satisfaction and are committed to delivering excellent service and tailored solutions to meet their needs. We look forward to future collaboration and building a lasting business relationship with our Russian client.

Russia Client Visited ORIEMAC Office