“Made in China" Helps Accelerate the Growth of Local Science Fiction Films

Publication Date: 2023-02-06 Back

The 23.5 tonne off-road chassis transport system came from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, the flexible "exoskeleton robot" from Shanghai, and a large number of special effects props such as EMP guns from Shenzhen and the surrounding area. ...... The movie "Wandering Earth 2" is showing the world how to turn science fiction dreams into screen reality. The movie "Wandering Earth II" is showing the world the Chinese "manufacturing" and "intellectual manufacturing" that turns science fiction dreams into reality on the silver screen.

"If the first film launched Chinese science fiction films on a magnificent voyage, this one is its loud hooter on the world stage." Hugo Award winner and renowned Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin recently posted on his Weibo account his thoughts on watching Wandering Earth II. He is the original author and executive producer of the film. 

Wandering Earth II" tells the story of how the human race is united step by step in the face of various "cosmic events" after the "Solar Crisis" is revealed, and finally launches the "Wandering Earth" project. On its tenth day of release, the film has grossed over RMB 2.7 billion, and the box office in North America and Europe has also been very impressive.

The sci-fi film was launched in the Spring Festival this year and has achieved both word-of-mouth and box office success. The contemporary Chinese "manufacturing" and "intellectual production" is the guarantee for the birth of the "Wandering Earth" film series, and many film fans and science fiction fans recognize such screen The "hard power".

“Made in China

According to Gong Geer, producer of the Wandering Earth film series, there were only three less-than-complete space suits when Wandering Earth started filming, and according to the plot of Wandering Earth II, 21 space suits needed to appear in the same shot, which was very difficult to produce.

The 21 space costume props were assembled by Phantom Image Studios, a team that had learned from the world-renowned science fiction and fantasy blockbuster prop production studio, Vita, and developed, broke through and increased the rate of prop localisation.

From the "small rice and rifle" stage to the birth of a large number of professional studios today, Gong Geer says, the visual effects of Chinese science fiction films have gone through a rapid development stage.

Made in China" and "made in China" are not only special effects props, but also a large number of physical objects and real-life scenes to help improve the film's realism. The "United Earth Government" machinery and equipment that can be driven, operated and deformed, as well as the unmanned flatbed truck that appears several times in "Wandering Earth II", are very impressive.

The film was supported by Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. to realise the "real vehicles" in the sci-fi scenes, showing the technological power of China's cutting-edge domestic equipment.

“Made in China