>ORIEMAC Human CS Competition & Canoeing Relay Race [2021-11-06]
On November 6, 2021, ORIEAMC Group came to Dianshan Lake Group Construction Activity Base for human CS competition and canoeing relay race.First came the live-action CS matchup, with uniforms and helmets being donned and guns being handed out, and spirits
>EONMAC Group Celebrates Its 13th Anniversary [2021-09-18]
On September 18, 2021, EONMAC Group celebrated its 13th anniversary. Company leaders and colleagues from various departments gathered together to send blessings to the company. Looking back on the 13 years of establishment, development and growth of EONMA
>Three Day Team Building in Anji [2021-06-27]
On 27th to 29th, Jun. 2021, the Oriemac RICH team organized a 3-days team building in Anji. The first day, we went to a bamboo forest, the air is so fresh in summer, though it rained for a while, all of our moods are happy. We went climbing a small mounta
>ORIEMAC Team Building in Zhoushan [2021-06-06]
On 6th to 8th, June. 2021, Our team organized a 3-days team building in Zhoushan.  Zhoushan is famous for its nice sea views. On the 3-day tour, we enjoyed nice sea views and visits local fantastic attractions in daylight. Also, we have tried a lot o
>ORIEMAC Annual Party And Award Ceremony 2021 [2021-03-25]
On 25th, Mar. 2021, Oriemac company organized a wonderful annual party there to reward our achievement in 2020 and look forward to the new future.We have concluded our 2020 great performance, and top sales share with us their sale skills we learned a lot
>2020 Christmas and New Year Party [2020-12-25]
On 25th, Dec.2020, Oriemac held a fantastic Christmas and New Year party, all the staff took part in it.The theme of the party is "hello world,2021", Expressed good wishes for 2021. We were honored to have reporters from China people's days with us to rec
>2020 ORIEMAC Christmas Party [2020-12-25]
On 25th Dec. 2020, Oriemac held a big Christmas party in shanghai, we have a buffet and a small concert there.People's Daily take videos for our company and we dressed beautifully to take apart the party, there are many kinds of food to choose from, we dr
>Bauma China 2020 in Shanghai [2020-11-25]
On 23th-25th, Nov. 2020, Bauma China 2020 was held in shanghai.It's a rainy day during the exhibition, but it didn't break the supplier's passion. The exhibition is surrounded by all kinds of machines.We took photos with many pictures and know a lot of ne