ZOOMLION Crane Products Batch Shipment!

Publication Date: 2023-03-30 Back

On the morning of March 12, in the Changde Hanshou Park of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., a long line of trucks carrying crane products was formed. With a command from Wang Liming, assistant general manager of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co.

The batch issued a total of 30 crane products, covering 12 tons, 14 tons, 16 tons and other models, including the ZLT2000V4, ZLT3000V4, ZLT3000V5, ZLT3500V5 and ZLT4000V5 and other five new products. As Zoomlion in the field of truck-mounted cranes to make new breakthroughs, new achievements, the five truck-mounted crane products have excellent lifting capacity, large working range, excellent stability, operational efficiency and other characteristics.

ZOOMLION Crane Products Batch Shipment

ZLT3000V5, for example, the product is mainly for the domestic 12-ton 5-section boom market, its boom full extension of 19 meters, the operating range of 18.6 meters, the longest domestic products of the same tonnage; double-stage telescopic outrigger transverse span of 7.7 meters, the industry's best operating stability; in addition, there are dual telescopic cylinders, two-jib single-out maximum lifting capacity of 8.4 tons, strong lifting performance.

It is understood that this is also the first batch shipment of the newly established Zoomlion crane subsidiary, Chongqing Zoomlion Crane Equipment Co. With strong scientific research strength, Zoomlion crane products have always been at the forefront of science and technology, dedicated to developing and manufacturing products that can lift heavier, farther and safer.

ZOOMLION Crane Products Batch Shipment