10 SANY SY215E Delivered in Bulk! Purely Electric Fighters!

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SY215E is a new 21T-class electric excavator product created by Sany Heavy Machinery, designed for earthmoving conditions, suitable for tunnel construction, scrap mills, municipal engineering and other work scenarios, with energy saving and environmental protection to improve the return on investment of the customer as the goal of configuring the tunnel construction of special features.
10 SANY SY215E Delivered in Bulk! Purely Electric Fighters!

High-power motor: equipped with customized permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has the advantages of high power density, high torque density, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and low energy consumption. Adopting international famous brand: low speed and high torque, maintenance-free and more economical.

High-performance battery: 422kWh high-performance lithium-ion battery is adopted, which has the advantages of high power density, high protection level, long range, short charging time and intelligent fault diagnosis. Internationally renowned brand lithium-ion standard battery pack, more than ten years of design life, a charge, comprehensive range of 6-10h.

Integrated controller: Configuration of customized all-in-one integrated controller, using a high degree of circuit integration, to achieve the electric drive MCU function, three-phase AC charging OBC function, low-voltage power supply DC/DC function, the whole vehicle control VCU function, and at the same time, with the auxiliary function of the power-up pre-charging, small size, high degree of integration.

10 SANY SY215E Delivered in Bulk! Purely Electric Fighters!

The main valve spool is fully electronically controlled: the main valve spool is fully electronically controlled, which makes the control more flexible and the human-machine interaction more friendly.

High-performance controller: Match with high-performance controller and optimize the control algorithm.

System safety protection: increase the safety functions such as abnormal alarm/emergency stop/startup diagnosis/redundant control in case of system abnormality to guarantee the safety of man-machine.

Electric proportional control technology: fast response of electric control parameters, complete flow redistribution by upgrading program.

10 SANY SY215E Delivered in Bulk! Purely Electric Fighters!

Precise combined flow control: when the electric control of the bucket rod realizes the compound action, each pump power is controlled individually to precisely meet the flow rate needed for the action.

Return oil throttling control: the return oil from the rod chamber of the cylinder when the bucket rod is retracted is returned to the oil tank through an independent spool valve to reduce the back pressure.

Bypass cut-off control: bypass cut-off spool closes the center oil circuit of the multi-way valve in advance, so that the pump flow completely enters the cylinder work.

Intelligent monitoring of charging: standard equipped with 2 national standard charging ports, support DC fast charging. At the same time, intelligent monitoring of the charging status, optional high-power split-type, integrated DC fast charging pile, a single charge can be filled in 1.5 hours.