Russia Clients Visited ORIEMAC Office

Publication Date: 2023-12-08 Back

Our recent engagement with a Russian trader visiting China for an auto show was a fruitful and spontaneous encounter, reflecting the dynamism of our business relationships.

Initial online communications revealed the clients' interest in our products, with an expressed desire to visit both our company and factory. However, due to the unavailability of a Russian translator, the visit was temporarily postponed.

On short notice, the clients informed us of their impromptu visit. We welcomed them warmly and embarked on a concise yet comprehensive tour of our company. Using a visually engaging PPT, we showcased the scale of our operations and highlighted successful cases, providing the clients with insights into our capabilities.

The clients reciprocated by sharing details about their business scope and specific purchasing needs. This exchange of information laid the foundation for a more tailored and targeted collaboration.

In the afternoon, we facilitated a visit to the LONKING factory, further immersing the clients in the intricacies of our product manufacturing. Negotiations on the required model were conducted, aligning our offerings with the clients' expectations.

The visit concluded on a positive note with a group photo, symbolizing the spirit of collaboration. Subsequently, we arranged comfortable transportation for the clients, ensuring a seamless transition back to the hotel.

This spontaneous encounter not only showcased our readiness to accommodate our clients' needs but also solidified the potential for future collaborations. We look forward to exploring new avenues and markets together, capitalizing on the momentum generated during this visit.

Russia Clients Visited ORIEMAC Office