Russia Clients Visited ORIEMAC Office

Publication Date: 2023-11-23 Back

We were delighted to host two clients from Russia following their initial inquiry on the Alibaba platform. Continuous communication on WeChat allowed us to understand their keen interest in our side curtain semi-trailer products.

In preparation for their visit, thorough background checks on the clients' company were conducted, and hotel reservations were made a day before their arrival. The visit commenced with a meeting, providing a platform for discussing our products and brands through a detailed presentation using PPT.

During the reception, our dedicated translator, Maksim, facilitated effective communication by translating Russian, ensuring seamless discussions. Tea and snacks were thoughtfully arranged for the clients.

The meeting involved an interactive session where the clients raised various technical questions about our products. I diligently recorded and addressed each query, fostering a deeper understanding of our offerings.

A group photo marked the positive conclusion of our meeting. Post-visit, I ensured the clients were comfortably returned to their hotel. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of future collaborations and are committed to a successful and enduring partnership. The enthusiasm displayed by the clients further fuels our anticipation of a mutually beneficial relationship. We remain dedicated to providing quality service and products that align with our clients' expectations. Looking forward to more opportunities in the future, we express our gratitude for their visit and optimism for what lies ahead.

Russia Clients Visited ORIEMAC Office