Mexico Clients Visited ORIEMAC Office and HELI Factory

Publication Date: 2023-04-11 Back

On April 11th, 2023, Oriemac hosted clients from Mexico who had previously worked with us and purchased two batches of forklifts last year. In mid-March, the clients informed us that they would be visiting China in April and we eagerly invited them to visit our company. The clients readily accepted our invitation, and we worked to understand their schedule, number of visitors, and flight information to create a detailed reception schedule, allowing for sufficient time buffers.

Due to the clients' flight schedule and large amount of luggage, we had to add nearly an extra hour to our waiting time at the international arrival gate. The clients insisted on visiting our machines and our HeLi Hydroelectric Exhibition Hall before dining and discussing their machine needs. After the meal, we led the clients on a tour of our company, presenting a detailed PPT on our business scope, discussing potential areas for future cooperation, and answering questions. During the tour, many of our colleagues warmly greeted the clients, leaving a positive impression of our company. The clients expressed their gratitude for our enthusiastic colleagues. After the visit, we escorted the clients to the high-speed train station.

We were delighted to host our valued clients and strengthen our relationship. We hope that the visit has helped the clients gain a deeper understanding of our company's capabilities and our commitment to providing excellent service. We look forward to continuing our discussions and building a long-lasting partnership with our clients.   

Mexico Clients Visited ORIEMAC Office and HELI Factory Mexico Clients Visited ORIEMAC Office and HELI Factory