Russia Clients Visited ORIEMAC Office

Publication Date: 2024-01-18 Back

On November 18, 2024, I had the opportunity to host a group of clients from Russia who had connected with us through WeChat. Following a brief introduction to our company and inquiring about their product requirements, the clients expressed interest in visiting our Shanghai facilities, which I gladly welcomed.

Upon their arrival today, I guided the clients through a concise tour of our company premises. Subsequently, I utilized a presentation in the form of a PowerPoint (PPT) to provide an overview of our company's scale and showcase some of our successful cases. This visual presentation proved effective in conveying our capabilities.

During our discussions, the clients shared their specific product needs in terms of types and specifications. We delved into considerations such as transportation methods and after-sales services. It was noted that the clients were particularly inclined towards products from the Sany brand.

Despite time constraints, we managed to arrange a visit to Sany's warehouse in Shanghai to showcase several excavators. Following this productive session, we invited the clients to join us for lunch, fostering a more relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. Subsequently, we ensured the clients were comfortably returned to their hotel.

Russia Clients Visited ORIEMAC Office

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